KCC Starter Quarterly Roadmap

This is how we will try to help to build a more valuable blockchain network and to ensure that projects are launched properly and in a safe ecosystem on KuCoin Community Chain.

Q2 2021

Since KuCoin released its TestNet in April, the KCCS team started market researches to understand if the Launchpad model could be applicable also to this network by analyzing competitors on other EVM-compatible blockchains.

Was easy to understand by comparing numbers that Launchpads are one of the winning trends in the DeFi, they’re eliminating the needs of Private investors and VCs allowing projects to be funded in an easy and decentralized way and giving to normal investors a chance to invest in an early phase of promising projects.

Since that we immediately started to build our website and just a couple of days after the Mainnet went live we released $KCCS, our Utility Token.

If you want to learn more about our Token make sure to read this article: https://kccstarter.medium.com/introducing-kccs-utility-token-313c3af6f210

Q3 2021

At the starting of July, as we explained in a Medium post, we’re applying to the KuCoin Community Chain Grant Program sponsored by KCS Foundation.

These days team is discussing the chance of funding our project with a Token Sale since the last day for the application review by KCS is the 28th July and as we all know, timing is very important in the crypto-space.
We are seeing a large number of competitors coming out and we don’t want to wait too much time while they are launching their project via Token sales, growing their community faster and gaining shares of the market.

By the end of July, $KCCS will be listed, our platform will be launched and right after we will apply to be added to price-tracking websites such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Q4 2021

In the last quarter of the year, we will release three crucial upgrades and close some key partnerships to make the world knows KCC Starter.

The first will be our DAO Governance platform, as we said our aim is to build a community-governed Launchpad, utilizing an innovative bureaucratic system that will allow our community to vote for what project to launch, for ecosystem initiatives, new features development, liquidity rewards distribution, and other applications.

KCC Starter investors will be able to participate in our DAO by staking their tokens in our Staking platform and earning $KCCS or by adding liquidity and receive a cut of the day’s token pool fees plus exclusive rewards dedicated to Liquidity Providers, of course without losing the right to participate in the Pools.

We want to give more use-cases as possible to our token, and we don’t want to limit it to Launchpad-related things. Since that, we want to build an open Permissionless Listing platform where all projects by paying a small fee of $KCCS can create and launch their token in a couple of clicks. Our decentralized platform will protect investors by automatically burning and locking project/LP tokens if an IDO Soft Cap is reached, or by refunding tokens if it isn’t.


In the next year, KCC Starter will work to evolve from “just a project” to a Corporate reality.

The first step to achieve this milestone is the integration of the Know Your Customer process in our platform that will allow us to host and launch law compliance projects.

The KYC will help us to be listed in a Centralized Exchange like KuCoin in order to increase our volumes and have brand new users being exposed to a wider audience.

When all these goals will be achieved, our DAO will vote for a new Blockchain integration and with the launch of our v2.0, KCC Starter will become a Multi-Chain Launchpad.

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