Introducing $KCCS Utility Token

To operate in our launchpad, staking and vote on governance proposals we are launching $KCCS, the utility token of KCC Starter.


$KCCS Utility

$KCCS utility token will play an important role in our platform.

Pools access

Our token will be the key to access and invest in projects launched by KCC Starter, our holders will always have priority.
This will incentivize holding and staking tokens, having a fixed number of tokens in the wallet will be the only way to participate in the launches.

DAO Governance

As we said, our aim is to enable a secure community-governed permissionless platform, and our token will play a central role in it.
A lot of already-existing launchpads have an old bureaucratic system to determine the project which will be launched on their platform, we wanted to fully decentralize it allowing our community to determine which project will be launched. By staking the community will be able to vote for ecosystem initiatives, new features development, liquidity rewards distribution, and other applications.

Liquidity Program

Token pools are only as good as the volume they can support, and to do that you need liquidity on both sides of the equation. By adding liquidity you will receive a cut of the day’s token pool fees and besides this, we will use our token to reward Liquidity Providers, so the more you add the more you will earn, of course without losing the right to vote in the DAO and the right to participate in the Pools.

Open and Permissionless Listing

We want to build an Open and Permissionless Listing platform where all projects can create and launch their own token in a couple of clicks. Our decentralized platform will protect investors by automatically burning and locking project/LP tokens if an IDO Soft Cap is reached, or by refunding tokens if it isn’t.
Of course, to create a token and launch an IDO, a $KCCS fee will be required.

Follow us

In the next days, we will share new posts explaining our RoadMap, Tokenomics and Tier Levels, make sure to follow us!



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KCC Starter

KCC Starter

The first launchpad built on the KuCoin Community Chain.