KCC Starter: the first launchpad built on the KuCoin Community Chain

KCC Starter is the first KuCoin Community Chain-powered Launchpad for on-chain token pools, giving projects the possibility to raise capital in a decentralized and secure way.

The exponential growth of the new EVM blockchains.

In the last few months, blockchain like the Binance Smart Chain and the Polygon has seen exponential growth, this is due to the low commissions and the extreme rapidity of the transactions. This caused a migration of both developers and retail investors from the ETH DeFi ecosystem to lower-cost and more powerful options: BSC and Polygon.

Exorbitant gas fees have caused ETH projects to lose user engagement since daily actions like staking, claiming, and normal trades can cost ETH users hundreds of dollars in transaction fees.

While Ethereum is having an average of 1 Million transactions per day, the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon are currently seeing transaction volume per day much higher than Ethereum, with a peak of more than 11 Million transactions in a single day for the BSC and more than 9 Million for Polygon.
But the daily transaction chart is not the only metric showing how these new blockchains are rapidly growing, another example can be the unique addresses chart, which can prove the mass adoption that they are having.

Why a Launchpad for the KuCoin Community Blockchain

Despite the KCC is brand new, there are already projects that are pulling liquidity (more known as a rug pulling), since that, we want to give the community a trusted place to invest their capital.

A big exchange like KuCoin behind, an ecological plan, low-cost fees and fast confirmations with an average block time of 3 seconds, KCC has a big potential to become the next big EVM chain.

We want to take part and help build a more valuable blockchain network ensuring that projects are launched properly and in a safe and audited ecosystem where the users are in total control of the token sale processes.

A trusted place to invest your capital

Due Diligence

All the projects launched with KCC Starter are subject to an accurate due diligence analysis. Our team will examine the project idea, comparing the numbers and benchmarking them against competitors. But it will be applied also in other contexts, for example, conducting a background check on the team behind the project.

Audited Contracts

In addition to the due diligence analysis on the project and the team, the KCCS team will audit internally all the Smart contracts to avoid risks of rug pulls and exploits. The pool contract that will hold the token sale will be double-audited by a third-party firm.

Incubator Program

We’re not just offering the possibility to raise funds through our platform, but to kickstart their growth process successful applicants will gain access to a full range of services provided by us and our partners like:

  • Community Development and Awareness
  • Branding strategy
  • Web3 Development
  • Token Engineering and Security Audits

DAO Governance

Our aim is to enable a secure community-governed permissionless platform, and our token will play a central role in it.
A lot of already-existing launchpads have an old bureaucratic system to determine the project which will be launched on their platform, we wanted to fully decentralize it allowing our community to determine which project will be listed.

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