KCC Starter Lottery System

KCC Starter is the first KuCoin Community Chain-powered Launchpad for on-chain token pools, giving investors the possibility to invest capital in a decentralized and secure way.

$KCCS utility token has 4 main use-cases (you can find a detailed Medium article here) and one of them is the Pools Access.
Our token will be the key to access and invest in projects launched by KCC Starter, holding a fixed number of tokens in the wallet will be the only way to participate in the launches.

The Launchpad Problem

As stated by NewFieldFund (one of the Strategic Investors of KCC Starer) in their analysis “The Launchpad Problem”:

..every legitimate launchpad token rises to a price level which prohibits new entrants from being able to afford a “tier”, or allocation. This has caused new entrants to move onto the next launchpad, which explains the rapid proliferation of a new launchpad everyday.

This phenomenon is mainly caused by a not scalable Tier System, not ready to afford to new entrants an equal chance of receiving a decent allocation in great projects in case of exponential growth of the token price.

Since that, we think that the best option is a lottery-based system with multipliers, plus a guaranteed pool for the biggest tier.

Lottery System

Our fair and proportional lottery-based system will work as follows:

  • Every lottery ticket equals 2'000 $KCCS (around $25 at listing price).
    e.g. 10'000 $KCCS = 5 lottery tickets
  • Every address can win more than 1 ticket, there are no limits.
    e.g. if you have 5 tickets, all 5 can be winning, there isn’t a max allocation
  • There is a Multipliers System to reward holders based on their holding amount.
  • The largest Tier will have not just the highest multiplier but also a guaranteed pool of 10% of the total allocation.

Tiers and Multipliers

There are 4 tiers, each one with a different multiplier:
- Andromeda (2'000–19,999 $KCCS) = x1.0
- Orion
(20'000–199,999 $KCCS) = x1.1
- Pegasus
(200'000–499,999 $KCCS) = x1.2
- Cassiopea
(500'000+ $KCCS) = x1.3

So, if you’re holding between 20'000 and 199'000 $KCCS you’re qualified for the Orion Tier, this means that your Lottery Tickets will be multiplied x1.1.
e.g. if you hold 20'000 $KCCS you will have 10 tickets, thanks to the multiplier you will receive 1 extra ticket (10 x 1.1 = 11).

Same will happen with the Pegasus Tier (x1.2) and the Cassiopea Tier (x1.3), the only one that doesn’t have a multiplier is the Andromeda Tier (x1.0).

The holders in the largest tier, will share a 10% guaranteed pool.

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KCC Starter

KCC Starter

The first launchpad built on the KuCoin Community Chain.