KCC Starter is taking part in the Grant Program by KCS Foundation

We’re proud to announce that KCC Starter is applying to the KuCoin Community Chain Grant Program sponsored by KCS Foundation.

Why KCC Starter is applying

A big exchange like KuCoin behind, an ecological plan, low-cost fees and fast confirmations with an average block time of 3 seconds, KCC has a big potential to become the next big EVM chain.

We want to give the KCC community a trusted place to invest their capital. We want to take part and help build a more valuable blockchain network ensuring that projects are launched properly and in a safe and audited ecosystem where the users are in total control of the token sale processes.

The application review will happen between 18th — 28th July and the highest grant can be $500,000 worth of KCS.

About KCC Grant Program

The KCC Grants Program is sponsored by the KCS Foundation, with the focus on technological issues. In the first phase, it is an open grant and offers 200,000 KCS to support the research and development of the DApp projects.

The program supports a wide range of projects, including on-chain ecological applications such as wallet and browser, decentralized exchanges, as well as projects built on traditional finance and supply chains or traditional business chains.

About KCC Starter

KCC Starter is the first KuCoin Community Chain-powered Launchpad for on-chain token pools, giving projects the possibility to raise capital in a decentralized and secure way.

Follow us

In the next days we will share new posts explaining our RoadMap, Tokenomics and Tier Levels, make sure to follow us!




The first launchpad built on the KuCoin Community Chain.

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KCC Starter

KCC Starter

The first launchpad built on the KuCoin Community Chain.

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