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We’re not running any public sale phase!

Our initial tokenomics was with an initial market cap of $160'000, too large for the KCC ecosystem and because of that we started discussing the possibility of a .

🔥 We decided to burn 34'000'000 $KCCS, exactly .

The time has finally come!

We would like to thank you guys for the massive support you did show us during the .
We reached an amazing interest from both .
The Private Round is about to close, further information coming soon.

Now it’s time to move on with the .

We are really excited to announce our .

⏰ PRESALE: Saturday 1st August, 11:00 AM UTC.

Remember that during the Presale phase tokens will be sold at a

People interested in our presale need to fill the Whitelist Form and hope to be selected…

KCC Starter is the first KuCoin Community Chain-powered Launchpad for on-chain token pools, giving investors the possibility to invest capital in a decentralized and secure way.

utility token has (you can find a detailed Medium article here) and one of them is the Pools Access.
Our token will be the key to access and invest in projects launched by KCC Starter, holding a fixed number of tokens in the wallet will be the only way to .

The Launchpad Problem

As stated by NewFieldFund (one of the Strategic Investors of KCC Starer) in their analysis “The…

We are thrilled and very proud to announce our first a crypto venture firm focused on allocating capital towards ambitious projects, teams & visions.

NewField Fund backed already a few established launchpads including but also really promising projects such as .

Since their , they’re different from other VCs, providing not just funds but also detailed analysis including “The Launchpad Problem” that was a critical publication for our team during the construction of our .

About NewField Fund

NewFieldFund is a new investment fund focused on the disruptive technology of tomorrow.

Technology of tomorrow


In the first days of July, as we explained in a Medium post, we were applying to the KuCoin Community Chain sponsored by KCS Foundation.

But just a few days after, the team started discussing the chance of

The two main reasons

1) Time

The last day for the application review by KCS is the 28th of July, this means that to be funded the estimated waiting time was and as we all know, especially in an early phase like this.
In one month a large number of…

This is how we will try to help to build a more valuable blockchain network and to ensure that projects are launched properly and in a safe ecosystem on KuCoin Community Chain.

Q2 2021

Since KuCoin released its TestNet in April, the KCCS team started to understand if the Launchpad model could be applicable also to this network by on other EVM-compatible blockchains.

Was easy to understand by comparing numbers that Launchpads are one of the , they’re eliminating the needs of Private investors and VCs allowing projects to be funded in an easy…

To operate in our launchpad, staking and vote on governance proposals we are launching , the of KCC Starter.


$KCCS Utility

$KCCS utility token will play an important role in our platform.

Pools access

Our token will be the by KCC Starter, our holders will always have priority.
This will, having a fixed number of tokens in the wallet will be the only way to participate in the launches.

DAO Governance

As we said, our aim is…

We’re proud to announce that KCC Starter is applying to the KuCoin Community Chain Grant Program sponsored by KCS Foundation.

Why KCC Starter is applying

A big exchange like KuCoin behind, an ecological plan, low-cost fees and fast confirmations with an average block time of 3 seconds, KCC has a big potential to become .

We want to give the KCC community a trusted place to invest their capital. …

The exponential growth of the new EVM blockchains.

In the last few months, blockchain like the Binance Smart Chain and the Polygon has seen exponential growth, this is due to the low commissions and the extreme rapidity of the transactions. This caused a migration of both developers and retail investors from the ETH DeFi ecosystem to lower-cost and more powerful options: BSC and Polygon.

Exorbitant gas fees have caused ETH projects to lose user engagement since daily actions like staking, claiming, and…

KCC Starter

The first launchpad built on the KuCoin Community Chain.

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